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Specializing in a wide range of Visa & Immigration matters (to the USA and Israel), Israeli Civil Law and Family Law matters including Litigation, as well as a wide range of general legal services in Hebrew and in English.

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Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Visas & Immigration to the U.S.

Klarfeld Law Offices has been providing immigration and visa related assistance to Israel and to the United States for over a decade.  Klarfeld Law Offices provides consultation and services in all categories of visas, including preparation and submission of all types of visa applications, Appeals and Motions to Reopen, Waiver requests and other visa or immigrant related issues.  Klarfeld Law Offices specializes in Family Unification, Marriage, and Fiance Visas as well as temporary permanent (Green Card) work and residence visa applications – particularly Intra-Company Transferrees (L visas), Treaty Trader (E1 Visas) and Treaty Investor (E2 Visas), Artists and Performers, Religious Visas (R), and more.  Our Immigration Law Attorneys prepare and submit Immigration Visa Applications for Artists and Performers of Extraordinary Ability, International Executives, Rabbis and others

3c27790t palestine wagons of wine rishon lezionStatus in Israel
Attempting to gain any type of visa in Israel (whether for visiting, working, immigration or residency) can be a harrowing experience for non-Jews.  Even Jews can experience difficulties when trying to obtain this type of benefit or residency for their non-jewish spouses or children.  Immigration Law in Israel is very narrow allowing for wide-discretion on the part of the Minister of Interior.  This wide-discretion, however is used sparingly and gingerly by the Minister.  One should always consult with an Israeli Immigration Lawyer before ever seeking any type of immigration or visa benefit in Israel – especially if you are not Jewish.

evictionReal Property in Israel
Klarfeld Law Offices provide services in all matters related to Real Property in Israel including Sale/Purchases of Real Estate, Rental Agreements, Evictions, and legal representation in court for matters related to Real Property in Israel arising including breach of contract and torts.

children three 2Family Law
Klarfeld Law Offices handle all areas of Family Law including Divorce, Mediation, Settlements, Custody, Child Visitation Rights, Child Support, Child Emigration and Dissolution of Marriages not within the jurisdiction of the religious courts in Israel.  Klarfeld Law will also represent clients in Family Court in family disputes, Name Changes and Paternity cases..

Wills & Probate
last will and testament
No one knows what the morrow will bring, and for that reason it is important that a person settle his or her affairs in due time, so that a person can know with a degree of certainty that their intentions will be honored after passing.  The preparation of a Will will confirm a person’s intent for all concerned and will eliminate family conflicts or misunderstanding regarding the actual intent of the deceased with regard to the disposal of his or her property after death.  Klarfeld Law Offices handle all matters of Wills and Probate including litigation where necessary.

shipyard workersEmployment & Labor
Generally, a persons spends as many waking hours at their place of employment as they do in their waking hours at home – probably more.  An employer, on the other hand, invests most of his financial interests in developing, operating, and maintaining his business.  These serious concerns demonstrate how important it is for all concerned to maintain a good, solid employer/employee relationship based on mutual interests to operate the business successfully and in harmony.   Klarfeld Law Offices provide legal advice to employers and employees regarding all matters arising out of labor conditions and disputes,including negotiation fire 1between parties and representation in court where necessary.

Klarfeld Law Offices represent Plaintiffs or Respondents, where necessary, in all Tort Matters including Professional and Medical Negligence.

courtroom 1The legal team at Klarfeld Law Offices will zealously and diligently represent a client’s interests in the Court Room or before any Judicial or Quasi Judicial entity as the case may be.

General Counsel & Legal Services
Klarfeld Law Offices provide a wide rage of general legal services including preparing judicial and official petition, letter, legal opinions, contracts, executing foreign judgments, and more.


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