Labor Law

Labor Law

Labor Law

Klarfeld Law Offices
handle all matters pertaining to workers’ and employers’ claims, employment contracts, severance pay, compensation, sexual harassment, social benefits, dismissal, unfair dismissal, deterioration work conditions, failure to give notice, minimum wage, untimely payment of wages, breach of contract and more.

Labor Law is a broad and comprehensive topic that effects the lives of nearly everyone around us.  Klarfeld Law Offices offer a large range of Labor Law services to Employers and Employees and the recently Unemployed.

Much of a person’s day is consumed by work or by traveling to and from work from home.  For this reason alone it is important that a person be satisfied at his place of employment and that he or she be accorded the respect and conditions necessary to fulfill the duties of employment.

By the same token, an Employer has invested of his time, his energy, and his wealth to build a business – a business that provides not only service or commodity but also employment and contributes to the economy of his county.  The Employer, too, should be accorded the same respect and conditions necessary to advance his business interests for his own personal gain and for the future financial security of his employees and to the welfare of the economy.

Labor Laws take into account the need to balance between these interests and strives to guarantee that all parties behave in a fair and honest manner while executing their duties under contractual agreement (written, oral or de facto).

Generally speaking, harmony reigns between Employers and Employees – each party has a vested interest in performing well for the general benefit of all concerned.  However, Market conditions, Economic upheaval and numerous other factors can cause turmoil and conflict in Employer/Employee relations.

Labor Law puts order and clarity into the relations between Employer and Employee.  Labor Law guarantees, among other things, that both and Employer and Employee meet a minimum standard with regard to hours in a workday and workweek, breaks, rest days, holidays, vacation days, sick days, travel costs, and guarantee of payment of salary in full by a fixed date each month.  Labor Law also guarantees that a minimum of social security and pension or severance payments be made by each party where designated.  The Hiring and Firing of Employees as well as the conditions under which an Employee chooses to quit his job or leave his place of employment are also determined by Labor Law.  How much severance pay and under what conditions it is payable are governed by Labor Law as well as the enforcement of nondiscrimination in the place of employment and special consideration for pregnant employees, parents of small children, and numerous other important issues.

Klarfeld Law Offices can advise and assist in any matter pertaining to Labor Law and the Israeli Law, including among other topics:

  • Representing Employers or Employees in Court
  • Severance Pay when Fired or Leaving Under Conditions that Warrant Severance Pay
  • Penalty for Late Payment of Salary
  • Sexual Harassment at Place of Employment
  • Employment Contracts
  • Social Welfare Conditions
  • Antidiscrimination at the Place of Employment
  • The Rights of Pregnant Woman and Parents of Small Children
  • Negotiations between Employers and Employees


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