Our offices has vast experience in personal and professional response to every client, in a large variety of fields of Israeli law:


Labor Law – The relationship between employer and employee is resolved by laws and by verdicts. Our office Courtprovides services and consultations in various aspects of rights and obligations of both the employer and the employee, for example: wording of Employment Contacts, maintaining Social Benefits (Sick Leave, Pension, Travel, Vacation, Overtime, and more), Industrial Accident, Maternity Rights, Workplace Discrimination, Dismissal Resignation and Compensation.


Family Law – The relationship within a family is often complex and emotionally charged, especially concerning legal rights and obligations. Our office provides personal and dedicated services, specializing in various aspects of Family Law, in order to resolve them adequately and appropriately for both sides. Our office provides the following services: Prenuptial Agreement, Living Together Agreement, Dissolution of Marriage, Divorce, Custody and Visitation Rights, Paternity, Parental Child Abduction, Child Support, Child Immigration, Wills and Probate in Israel and abroad, Inheritance, and Age change.


Law of Tortes – If you have been hurt, injured, or have been caused injustice do not concede your rights. Our office can consult you on your rights and can assist you in getting past the bureaucratic obstacles to exercise your rights. Our office provides services in the following areas: Medical Malpractice, Bodily Injury Liability, Claims against the Ministry of Defense, Representation and accompany in Medical Committees, Insurance claims and negotiations, Slander, Student Accidents, Industrial Accidents, Sports Accidents, Professional Negligence, Animal Injuries, and Injuries in Public Places.


Legal Representation in Court/Civil Litigation – Civil Litigation is representation and appearance in the various civil courts of law, in various civil proceedings. Success in court is often achieved by the method in which you initiate and conduct contact with the court. The purpose of the litigator is to convey your argument to the court in the clearest way, and to persuade the court to prefer your claims over your opponent. Our office specializes in legal procedures and proceedings and is experienced in representation in court.


Visa’s and Immigration to the USA – Are you are interested in obtaining a visa or immigrating to the USA, but have gotten tangled in the procedures with the US embassy and don’t know what to do? Our office has been providing services in the visa/immigration area for over 12 years, in Israel and abroad, working with the US embassy and consulate. Our office provides services and consultation in the following areas: Immigration Visa’s, refusals and waivers, aid in obtaining overseas documents and certificates required for the procedures, preparation for the interview, and solutions to problems you may have been weighed down with from the Immigration Authorities in the US and in the Israel Consulate. Our office also aids in Nationalization procedures for children and grandchildren of US citizens.


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