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Klarfeld Law Offices will handle all private or civil wrongs causing injury – including Medical, Professional and personal negligence suits.

Whether you have slipped on a banana peel carelessly tossed onto the pavement or on a city sidewalk where the roots of a tree have broken through and caused a dangerous hazard to normal public use, the damages caused to you and or your property can be painful and expensive.

These are but a few of the numerous types of damages that might be caused to you as a result of actions or negligence by a private person or public entity (municipality or public institution).

As a result of your injury, you may find yourself bedridden or unable to complete your duties for your employer or simple household chores, including cleaning, shopping, driving and more.  In short, the actions or carelessness of a third party may not only cause you physical injury but also an added unwelcome financial burden.

In other instances, you may find yourself wrestling with a heavy financial burden caused by the negligence of a party with whom you have contracted and from whom you expected a service to be performed on your behalf with due diligence and professional competence (whether it be a Physician, Medical Establishment, Attorney, Plumber, Builder, or other, to name but a few professionals).

Confronting the injuring party and demanding compensation for your grievance does not always bring the remedy you seek or to which you are entitled.  Furthermore, paying annual premiums on an insurance policy does not always guarantee that your insurance company will cover injury or damages under a given set circumstances.  Your insurance company may try to evade responsibility (payment of damages) or send you on a quest to redeem your expenses from a third party or their insurance company.  A private individual is often overwhelmed and out of depth when confronted by a large institution that expertly dodges any complaints with well rehearsed tried and true methods that are intended to intimidate and discourage any effort to seek compensation.

Sometimes, all that is necessary is a crafted letter by a Professional Attorney demanding compensation for a wrongful injury.  At other times, it may be necessary to sue the injuring party in a court of Israeli law and seek judicial remedy where matters cannot be resolved amicably between two parties.

There is a legal Statute of Limitations for demanding compensation from in injuring party.  Therefore, claims should be made in a timely manner and without undue delay.  In all cases where an injury has occurred due to negligence or where contemplated in an insurance policy, and where the injuring party denies a legitimate claim for compensation, for that injury, a person should immediately seek legal counsel to discuss the legal options available for pursuing such claim, inside or outside of the courtroom.

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