Law litigation

Law litigation

Litigation – Klarfeld Law Offices provide personal assistance to individual clients and to corporations alike.

In the course of normal business and personal financial affairs, disputes arise. Klarfeld Law Offices will assist in resolving disputes without litigation.   However, should the need arise we are prepared to vigorously litigate civil claims when necessary.

If a lawsuit is brought against a client, we have the training, the experience and the ability to provide an aggressive defense.

in the course of normal affairs, a individual might be forced to defend himself in court or seek remedy from another individual or institution (public or private) where such remedy is withheld from him unjustly. The process of sorting out a legal dispute (not criminal) in a court of law is generally referred to as litigation

Simple everyday examples of such litigation might be:

  • Disputes between neighbors in property issues
  • Disputes between business associates over contract performance
  • Seeking Judicial Review of an Administrative Decision
  • Petitioning the Court for Injunctions and Court Orders
  • Suing for Damages caused by Injury due to the Action or Negligence of another
  • Disputes between Employers and Employees
  • Disputes between the beneficiaries of a Will
  • Disputes between Family Members in Divorce Cases

The above examples are but a few of the circumstances that may require litigation in a court of law. Numerous other circumstances might give rise to the need for litigation. Many times a person finds themselves in a situation where only a court of law can provide a remedy.  When no such remedy is available under the law, an Appeal might be made to a High Court of Justice in certain circumstances, especially when a Constitutional or Human Right needs to be protected.

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