Klarfeld law officesAbout us: Klarfeld Law Offices have a comprehensive understanding of the needs of corporate and individual clients in the areas of Visas & Immigration, Real Estate, Business, Inheritance, and Family Law.

Tamar Klarfeld has been assisting clients in all of their relocation, immigration and visa needs to the United States and Israel since establishing her Law Practice in 2002.  Her legal practice includes advising clients on a wide range of visa and immigration topics and strategic planning to meet conditions under the prevailing immigration laws in either country.  Once it is determined that an existing visa or immigrant category exists, Klarfeld Law Offices assists clients in coordinating the necessary evidence and preparing Petitions and Application to the appropriate office at the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) or U.S. Consular office, as the case may be.

Reut Vidro Klarfeld joined Klarfeld Law Offices immediately after becoming licensed as an Attorney in 2012.  She brought to the office her experience working in the Civil Law department of the Tel Aviv District Attorney’s Office.  Her expertise lies in all matters of Civil and Administrative Law and in particular, cases where a grievance in being lodged against a government office, labor disputes pursuant to unfair dismissal, resignations, unequal opportunity in the work place and much more.  She further specializes in Torts and Negligence actions for damages and in a wide range of Family Law and Inheritance Law issues..

Klarfeld Law Offices is a small boutique firm of two Attorneys and professional supporting staff who cater to individual and corporate clients on a professional level and prides itself on its unique ability to respond to client inquiries either immediately or within minutes or hours after contacting the office.

Klarfeld Law Offices is located in The Sharon Area in the Central Region of Israel.

Address:  3 Hanofar Street, POB 941, Even Yehuda, Israel 40500
Telephone09-8995871; 054-4668863
Fax: 03-7256255
Email: info@klarfeldlaw.com

Office hours:  Sunday thru Thursday from 8 AM to 7PM