Visas and Immigration This is our specialty.

Visas and Immigration

Visas and Immigration

Klarfeld Law Offices specializes in all categories of visas to the U.S. and Israel, including:  Temporary work visas, Religious visas, Artists and Sports visas, Investment visas, Trade visas, Student visas, Marriage, Fiancé and Life Partner visas.

Every sovereign country has the right to control who, if any, will enter through its borders and under what conditions.  This right, though absolute, is not arbitrary.  Each country protects this sovereign right by enacting legislation and a body of Immigration Laws that determine the categories of visitors, immigrants, and workers who may enter the country.  Most democratic countries have a vested interest in encouraging visitors from abroad – especially those who wish to invest or otherwise contribute to the National Interests of that country by creating employment opportunities, economic development, unique scientific, business or artistic acumen, etc.

Klarfeld Law Offices advises and prepares applications for long term/permanent work visas, relocation, intra-company transferees, Family-Based visas, Citizenship, and Naturalization. 

Companies expanding their operations in the United States, who wish to transfer employees to their U.S. offices, or to the United States in order to expand and facilitate their operations in the country, can do so if they meet certain conditions under the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) and if they are able to comply with the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) for Application or Petitioning processes.  Similarly, private individuals can enter the U.S. for temporary or permanent residence and they can work in the United States, if there is a visa category that corresponds with their purposes and if they can meet the relevant conditions under the INA and CFR.

Companies or individuals wishing to enter Israel to work or reside permanently will find that the Immigration Laws in Israel are more challenging than those of most democratic countries.  Immigration issues in Israel are controlled by a strict demographic policy aimed at maintaining the status of the country as a Democratic Jewish State.  Therefore, Jews may enter Israel to visit or to live, virtually without restriction.  Those who are not Jewish and who wish to visit Israel for tourist purposes are for the most part welcome.  However, this welcome is generally restricted to a three month or less entry permit.  Extensions are granted only where no immigration/residency or work intent is perceived.  Work and residency permits in Israel are far more restrictive for those who are not Jewish and who do not qualify to remain in the country under the Law of Return.  There are few options available to non-Jewish foreign applicants wish to legally work or reside in Israel. Immigration Law in Israel is meager, to say the least.  The Ministry of Interior has wide discretion, which is applied liberally, to refuse any application that does not expressly meet the government’s strict immigration policy or that poses a threat to the demographic balance described above.  Furthermore, the Israeli Administrative Courts exercise Judicial review of the Ministry’s Decisions sparingly.

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